Political Sciences

Assignment 2: Policy analysis paper (35%)
Due date: Midnight Friday 16 October (Week 12)
Word count: 1600 – 1800 words. Min 8 refs. APA 7
This assessment addresses Learning Outcomes 3 & 4

For this individual paper, you need to build on the knowledge gained through the lectures,
Workbook activities and ideas explored in the panel discussion, to summarise your policy topic area
as follows: background/history (briefly); key issues; relevant current policies (state and/or federal)
from across the political spectrum; and an exploration of how these policies do (or do not) enhance
a just sustainability (eco-justice) response to the issue. NB. You MUST provide a direct, accurately

referenced quote from at least four (4) of your eight (8) references

This paper is evidence of the work you've done since the symposium on your understanding and analysis of some of
the social, economic and/or ecological factors impacting on state and/or federal social policies relevant to your topic

This folder contains:
 a marking rubric for the assessment.
 an exemplar from a previous year. This was an HD paper on marriage equality; not overly long but it did
exactly what was required.
 the Turnitin portal
 You can use a report style for this assignment (ie. headings) if it helps you to structure the paper; within
reason, you can also use some dot points.
 Read the rubric closely before you begin the assignment to see what is required and the different weightings
for each section.


NB: Marking rubrics will be available on the Bb site under Assessments.
Marks will be deducted for editing errors (spelling, syntax, punctuation) in all written work

1. Introductory information
Please make the Blackboard site for this unit your new best friend. Get to know and appreciate what it has
to offer by accessing the Student Support portal on the top RHS of your screen. Also, if you have a
problem with the site for this unit, craft a professional email to the lecturer so the site can be improved.
2. Assessment
Please be aware that all assessment marks and grades are provisional and subject to moderation and
approval at the Board of Examiners at the end of semester.
3. Assignment Due Dates
Please read the university protocol on extensions for due dates for assignments outlined at
It is important that you talk to the Unit Co-ordinator before the due date if you anticipate difficulty
meeting the deadline. Failure to obtain written (e-mail) confirmation of an extension will result in a loss of
marks for each day the paper is late.
4. Plagiarism
Plagiarism, either intentional or accidental, is taken seriously. Students are encouraged to read the ECU
policy on plagiarism and familiarise themselves with what constitutes plagiarism by reading
It is also important that you avoid plagiphrasing (ie. paraphrasing which is too close to the original text).
See how to avoid plagiphrasing at:
The Turnitin Originality Report helps you avoid plagiarism but this only works if you submit your
assignment in time to check the score and made any necessary changes, eg. rewrite plagiphrased work;
insert quotation marks and citation details where you have used direct quotes.
5. Referencing
All written work submitted must be referenced using the APA 7th referencing style. The ECU Referencing
Guide is available from the Library homepage and a Referencing Tip Sheet is available via your Blackboard
sites. As marks are deducted for poor editing, please watch the audio lecture under the Assessment tab on
correcting common editing and referencing mistakes.
6. Professional Conduct
University study is challenging on many levels and students are expected to manage differences of opinion
professionally and appropriately. On-line discussion boards and forums (including emails and phone calls

between students) are considered professional spaces. Students and staff are expected to relate to one
another respectfully, adhering to the Netiquette and Student Charter guidelines set down by ECU.
7. Mobile phones & computer usage
Please switch off phones before entering lectures and tutorials. If you must have your phone on during
class please switch it to silent mode and advise the lecturer. In the event that your phone rings please exit
the room BEFORE answering to minimise disruption to others.
8. Keeping up to date
The Semester Schedule and the Learning Materials (on Blackboard) set out the semester timetable for the
unit with modules, topics and due dates for assessment. If you fall behind, please keep your lecturer
informed so she can assist and negotiate extensions where appropriate.
9. Unit and teaching evaluation (UTEI)
At the end of the semester, you will be asked to complete the ECU UTEI (Unit Teaching Evaluation
Instrument) online survey. This survey asks questions concerning your level of satisfaction with the unit
and with your tutor. Your feedback helps us improve the quality of the unit. For example, last year
students asked us to provide more direction for the first Assignment which has resulted in the Workbook
Your resources for the unit include: university staff; the Blackboard site; textbooks; Social Work Subject
Guide (linked from the Library Homepage); your own and other’s ideas and experiences; library databases
and catalogues; your student colleagues and the internet. However, please note: You can only reference
material from reputable academic sources in assignments. Wikipedia is a good starting point for a topic
and reputable references can usually be found at the end of an entry leading you to the original material.
If you use academic material from before 2005, you will be asked to give the reason for your choice, eg.
classic text; historical comparison.
Become familiar with the University policies on academic integrity and ensure that all work submitted is
your own. While family and friends can assist with ideas and advice about editing and proof-reading, you
must be the person fully responsible for the work which is submitted.
There is no text book for this unit. Subscribe (online and free) to The Conversation; we will refer to items
published in this online magazine and for this unit, it can be cited as a reputable source. You will find news
and current affairs shows on ABC TV (particularly The Drum, Insiders), ABC Radio (including Radio
National), NITV and SBS very helpful for this unit.
Beresford, P. & Carr, S. (Eds.). (2018). Social policy first hand: An international introduction to participatory
welfare. Bristol, UK; Policy Press.
Cottrell, S. (2012). The study skills handbook. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.
Heywood, A. (2012). Political ideologies: An introduction. (5th ed.). Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.
Jamrozik, A. (2009). Social policy in the post-welfare state: Australian society in a changing world. Frenchs
Forest, Pearson Education Australia.

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